From the time Mark left his teaching career, he never really felt the need (or wish particularly) to attempt to seek commissions for either designwork or artwork. Following a happy career in both the design industry and the educational sector, it was time for pure self-indulgence.
However, there were enquiries for his work and he was happy to oblige some potential clients with any project that appealed to him.
The work which he took on was always satisfying, and is to this day.
Naturally cats were one of the subjects in demand but this blossomed into other areas which appealed to Mark.
One on-going commission was for illustrations for a bespoke children's encyclopaedia. Hundreds of small coloured illustrations were required for this unique idea - one which 'hit the spot'!
Even Fluffy-Bear was conceived for a series of illustrations for a book.

Two books for children about smuggling were the next to suit his style of work.
Another about a safari in Africa.
Soon after finishing teaching, Mark's ambitions led him to explore the possibility of traditional commercial work which led to some commissions but very soon he moved away from that and towards self-motivated projects.